Top Dog Wash Experience

At Top Dog Car Wash, we strive for the best express wash the carwash industry has to offer. With our super soft and efficient wash brushes and environmentally friendly soaps and waxes, we’ll give your car the cleanest shine it deserves while being gentle to your car’s surface and environmentally friendly to our earth.

Your Top Dog wash experience starts with your initial drive up onto our site, giving you a chance to review our menu sign describing the wash package options and prices. Pull forward to the user-friendly kiosk where you can make your choice and pay for your wash package using a variety of payment options. Follow the Top Dog Attendant’s instructions on moving forward and aligning your car onto the conveyor belt. Windows up, wipers off, antenna down, car in neutral, hands off the stearing wheel and feet off the pedals. Enjoy the ride.

Once the wash is over, drive on over to the Free vacuum stations, where you can clean your car’s interior.

Our Products We Use

Have you ever worried that your car might be damaged during the wash? At Top Dog you don’t have to worry. Top Dog’s combination of envirosoft TM foam brushes, high pressure water, micro clean foam systems, and computer control wash equipment are not only safe and harmless; they are often considered safer and more finish-friendly than washing your car at home.

The lightweight envirosoft TM wash brushes are designed to clean your vehicle with gentle foam fingers while being kind to your vehicle’s surface. These foam brushes are the newest way to wash gently, effectively and more quietly than our competitors. Compliment our state-of-the-art equipment with biodegradable soap and wax brands you know and trust, we guarantee you will love the way your vehicle looks after a trip to Top Dog.